Domestic Violence: Intervention

This area contains information on the development and delivery of safe and appropriate services for victims of domestic violence and their children, offering tools for advocates or counselors in community-based domestic violence programs as well as helping professionals in human service arenas or institutional settings who encounter domestic violence victimization in their work. Materials explore approaches addressing intersecting life circumstances or co-occurring issues.

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March 2013
The report comprises a thematic analysis by the Special Rapporteur of the integration of a human rights-based approach in measures to discourage the demand that fosters all forms of exploitation of persons, especially women and children, and which leads to human trafficking.
Authors: Sigma Huda, Special Rapporteur
May 14, 2013
This document addresses State responsibility for eliminating violence against women, which is based on acts or omissions and the due diligence standard as a tool for holding States accountable.
Authors: Rashida Manjoo
August 2006
This guide, specific to Minnesota, is designed to help practitioners better understand the mandated reporter statute and to outline appropriate actions to take when child abuse or neglect is known or suspected.
Authors: Child Safety and Permanency Division, Minnesota Department of Human Services
June 2014
While resources on legal representation of service members and/or veterans exist, this handbook specifically addresses additional considerations for attorneys when representing military-related victims/survivors.
Authors: Ellen C. Schell
This guide focuses on the transformative role of the reproductive health care provider in identifying and addressing intimate partner violence and reproductive coercion.
Authors: Linda Chamberlain and Rebecca Levenson
This research project sought to understand - from the perspectives of welfare recipients - the obstacles women face and the strengths and resources poor women bring to their struggles for safety and solvency.
Authors: Lisa Brush and Lorraine Higgins
This compilation of research highlights findings from various studies that demonstrate how “high conflict” contested custody cases typically have a history of domestic violence.
Authors: Joan S. Meier
Spring 2005
This issue focuses on ideas for collaboration between faith based communities and sexual assault and domestic violence programs. Faith communities explored in this issue include Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Muslim.
Authors: National Sexual Assault Coalition Resource Sharing Project
This page provides a bibliography of resilience research articles of particular relevance for children exposed to DV. Links to full text are available for some of the articles.
Authors: Child Witness to Violence Project
August 2009
These guidelines from the Interpretation Technical Assistance and Resource Center focus on court interpretation for domestic and sexual violence victims with limited English proficiency.
Authors: Chic Dabby and Cannon Han