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Domestic Violence: Intervention

This area contains information on the development and delivery of safe and appropriate services for victims of domestic violence and their children, offering tools for advocates or counselors in community-based domestic violence programs as well as helping professionals in human service arenas or institutional settings who encounter domestic violence victimization in their work. Materials explore approaches addressing intersecting life circumstances or co-occurring issues.

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June 3, 2015
This webinar provides information on the impact of trauma in pregnancy and childbirth and outlines how a partnership between advocates and birth workers in the community may be of benefit to pregnant survivors of domestic or sexual violence. Together, victim advocacy and doula skills can set in motion a new beginning for healthier relationships between survivors of abuse and their newborns.
Authors: Kenya Fairley and Fern Gilkerson
October 23, 2014
This webinar provided an overview of OCSE produced domestic violence resources - including fact sheets, desk cards, and online training materials - promoting safe access to child support. Presenters also described key resources funded by the ACF Family Violence Prevention and Services Program and strategies child support agencies can adopt for connecting victims to those resources.
Authors: Office of Child Support Enforcement and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program
April 21, 2014
This webinar, held on Monday, April 21, 2014, provided information for both victim advocates working in shelter settings as well as birth doulas, regarding the identification and impact of domestic violence and abuse in pregnant women. Likewise, the benefits of a partnership between these two groups was discussed as a way to further improve pregnancy and birth outcomes for pregnant survivors.
Authors: Pam Glenn
April 2012
This presentation includes information on the link between Adolescent Relationship Abuse (ARA) and condom/birth control interference, the likelihood of pregnancy among female victims of ARA, and the difficulty of negotiating the use of birth control with abusive partners.
Authors: Futures Without Violence for the Family and Youth Services Bureau’s First Annual Teen Pregnancy Prevention Grantee Conference
May 19, 2011
This 1.5 hour webinar explores practical approaches to supporting parenting in shelter. The presenters offer suggestions for policy change, making space for parenting, and for providing survivor centered advocacy that helps rebuild parent/child bonds and resiliency.
Authors: Margaret Hobart
This podcast emphasizes reproductive autonomy as essential to the primary prevention of sexual violence.
Authors: Elizabeth Miller
Revised 2010
This chapter provides information about physical and sexual abuse during pregnancy.
Authors: Linda Chamberlain
This 12-week child-focused curriculum was developed to assist adult survivors in recognizing the impact that domestic violence has on children, as well as understanding and responding appropriately to children’s reactions to abuser behavior.
Authors: Beth Bitler
This online screen show is a training tool for clinicians to increase understanding of the important role they can play in identifying, preventing, and reducing intimate partner violence, emphasizing the critical role of prenatal care providers.
Authors: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention