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Domestic Violence: Policy & Systems Advocacy

The actions of governmental bodies - their laws, practices, regulatory measures, and funding priorities - profoundly affect how women and their families experience life and freedom from domestic violence. This area provides information and tools to assist in the critical thinking and critical action of individuals and their collective(s) working to end domestic violence through public policy and systems change.

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Fall 2014
This document assesses each state’s civil domestic protection order laws and their impact on minors seeking protection from abusive relationships and outlines steps for improving protections.
Authors: Break the Cycle
This handbook is intended to provide information to attorneys representing survivors and victims of intimate partner violence who are connected with the military, which includes service members, veterans, or partners of abusive service members or veterans.
Authors: Ellen C. Schell
December 2011
This handbook was created to provide guidance to attorneys so that they can help survivors achieve their civil legal objectives when trauma or other mental health challenges are a potential factor in a case.
Authors: Mary Malefyt Seighman, Erika Sussman, and Olga Trujillo
May 2009
This document reviews the unauthorized practice of law (UPL), how UPL claims are enforced, justifying the prohibitions, issues for domestic violence advocates and victims, areas of “safe” and “cautious” legal advocacy, prohibited areas of legal advocacy, and best practice recommendations.
Authors: Kristine C. Lizdas and Sandra L. Murphy
May 2006
Briefly outlines selected US federal sex and labor trafficking cases, and cases of sexual violence and labor trafficking and sex tourism. TVPA and PROTECT Act of 2003 also mentioned.
Authors: National Institute on State Policy