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International & Global: Violence Against Women Globally

Documents listed here offer a snapshot of violence against women from a global perspective. Issues such as wartime violence, human rights, early marriage, and health are highlighted here.

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Updated August 2012
This special collection brings together selected documents that focus on international policies, programs, and approaches to prevent and intervene in violence against women.
Authors: Sheetal Rana
March 2008
This collection aims to raise awareness about some of the realities facing women in Iraq. The collection focuses more specifically on how current events in Iraq have uniquely impacted Iraqi women and have engendered various forms of violence against women.
Authors: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
March 2008
This collection explores controversial measures taken by the federal government of Australia within the Northern Territory, ostensibly to address the issue of sexual abuse of Aboriginal children.
Authors: NationNational Resource Center on Domestic Violence
March 2008
This collection highlights and celebrates the tremendous work being done in Brazil to end violence against women. The selected materials and resources provide a snapshot of the magnitude of the problem and highlight various recommendations for public policy as well as opportunities for community involvement and action.
Authors: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence