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Building the Rhythm of Change: Developing Leadership and Improving Services Within the Battered Rural Immigrant Women's Community

General Material
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"Using the experiences of the pilot projects [Iowa and El Paso, Texas] and of existing grassroots immigrant womenÍs organizations, this manual provides suggestions and guidance on how to organize a similar project aimed at improving services and eliminating barriers to safety for battered immigrant women by empowering the women. The manual is geared primarily toward domestic violence service providers focused on advancing the rights of battered immigrant women and improving their access to services, but may also be a useful reference for other organizations or individuals advocating for immigrantsÍ legal rights."

Sections Include:

  • Steps to Creating a Successful Project
  • Building and Nurturing the Women's Leadership Group
  • Targeting and Recruiting Service Providers
  • Preparing for the Forum
  • The Forum


This manual includes useful start-up tools such as a sample agenda, sample skits (Teatro), a Power & Control Wheel, and a sample budget.