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An Online Resource Library on Gender-Based Violence.

Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings and its Explanatory Report

General Material
Published Date


  • The first 25 pages outline the contents of the Convention, while the Explanatory report (which is more in depth) begins on page 26 and continues through p. 80
  • Contents of document are listed in following table of contents:
    • Chapter I - Purposes, scope, non-discrimination principle and definitions
    • Chapter II - Prevention, co-operation and other measures
    • Chapter III - Measures to protect and promote the rights of victims, guaranteeing gender equality
    • Chapter IV - Substantive criminal law
    • Chapter V - Investigation, prosecution and procedural law
    • Chapter VI - International co-operation and co-operation with civil society
    • Chapter VII - Monitoring mechanism
    • Chapter VIII - Relationship with other international instruments
    • Chapter IX - Amendments to the Convention
    • Chapter X - Final clauses