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The Primer: Helping Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Polygamous Communities

General Material
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Excerpt: We are grateful to the many individuals who contributed their valuable time, effort and expertise to produce these training materials. It is our hope that 'The Primer' will assist human services professionals, law enforcement officers and others in helping victims of domestic violence and child abuse from polygamous communities in Arizona and Utah. Polygamy is illegal in Utah and forbidden in the Arizona constitution. However, both states have decided to focus law enforcement efforts on crimes within the polygamous communities that involve child abuse, domestic violence and fraud. Laws regarding these issues will be strictly enforced. Even though these crimes can also be found in mainstream society, 'The Primer' will attempt to address the unique issues facing victims from these communities.

Contents include:

  • History of Polygamy
  • Glossary
  • Fundamentalist Groups
  • Characteristics and Practices
  • Defining Domestic Violence
  • Domestic Violence and Polygamy
  • Child Abuse and Polygamy
  • Child Abuse in Polygamous and Authoritarian Groups
  • Psychological Impact on Women and Children
  • Safety Net Committee
  • Polygamy and Cultural Stereotypes: A Training Exercise
  • Utah & Arizona Resources
  • Arizona Sexual Offenses and Other Crimes
  • Utah Sexual Offenses and Other Crimes
  • Bibliography