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An Online Resource Library Supporting Professionals Ending Gender-Based Violence.

Domestic & Sexual Violence Service Providers

Domestic violence and sexual violence service providers face several challenges and obstacles when providing services for teen victims of dating violence. Limited experience in dating may make it harder for young people to recognize abusive behaviors when they occur. Even when they are aware of abuse, young people may not trust adults to disclose abuse or adults may minimize abuse in teen relationships. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer youth may experience additional barriers when seeking help for dating violence, particularly if it requires revealing their sexual identity. Furthermore, services, policies, and laws that protect domestic violence survivors may not protect TDV survivors. This section includes documents that provide information and guidance for working with young people from diverse groups, implementing a coordinated community-based approach to TDV prevention and intervention, and overcoming policy barriers.

Understanding and working with young people
Community outreach and community-based interventions
Policies for mandatory reporting and confidentiality