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Sexual Violence: Intervention

This area contains information on the development and delivery of safe and appropriate services for victims of sexual violence, offering tools for advocates or counselors in community-based sexual assault programs as well as helping professionals in human service arenas or institutional settings who encounter sexual violence victimization in their work. Materials explore approaches addressing intersecting life circumstances or co-occurring issues.

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With only a few small steps, workplaces can help keep everyone safe and productive. Use the resources in this toolkit to help raise awareness, address employment issues and connect people in your workplace to the assistance they may need.
Authors: Futures Without Violence
November 2014
This video is part of the "See the Signs, Speak Out" series on starting conversations in the workplace about domestic and sexual violence.
Authors: Ohio Domestic Violence Network
In light of immigration enforcement and the economic climate, now more than ever, immigrant women are vulnerable to experiencing sexual violence in the workplace. Across the country, immigrant-working women with and without work authorization are subjected to adverse working conditions and victimization at alarming rates.
Authors: William Tamayo (EEOC) and Giselle Hass
May 2012
This video incorporates stories and voices of service members who have experienced rape. In this video, the term Military Sexual Violence (MST) is defined in the video as the the official term for the psychological trauma that may result from military rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment.
Authors: Jennifer Malina & Sarah Pusateri
April 2006
The method of this online workbook is to help users analyze actual workplace scenarios, put themselves in the role of both victim and harasser, and covertly practice what they would do if a similar incident occurred.
Authors: Riley Harvill
April 2006
This instructor manual is designed to provide all of the information necessary to conduct effective training sessions and follows the workbook: 'Sexual Harassment: Trend Or Turning Point.'
Authors: Riley Harvill