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Sexual Violence: Perpetration

This area highlights interventions and approaches for working with sexual violence offenders, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive and collaborative approach to manage offenders' behaviors and ensure their safe integration within communities. Resources addressing risk, assessment, management, treatment, and supervision are included.

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December 2010
This paper provides an overview of a tool which measures effectiveness and ways to improve existing juvenile justice programs.
Authors: Mark W. Lipsey, James C. Howell, Marion R. Kelly, Gabrielle Chapman, and Darin Carver
December 2006
This paper is about young people who have committed acts of sexual abuse. It is written for those who might come across this issue in their day-to-day work and would like to know what the current research and practice says.
Authors: Cameron Boyd and Leah Bromfield
January 2004
This fact sheet provides basic information about sexual development and problematic sexual behavior in children ages 2-12.
Authors: National Center on Sexual Behavior of Youth (NCSBY )
October 2003
This bibliography lists selected readings on adolescent sex offenders and children with sexual behavior problems. It includes research, guidelines, and clinical articles as well as websites and ordering information for selected articles.
Authors: National Center on Sexual Behavior of Youth
July 2003
This fact sheet provides information about children who demonstrate developmentally inappropriate or aggressive sexual behavior. It addresses some common myths about this population and provides findings from research on the issue.
Authors: Jane F. Silovsky, PhD & Barbara L. Bonner, PhD
Children under the age of 12 with sexual behavior problems have been given increasing attention in professional literature.
Authors: Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
This guide is intended to inform parents about the sexual abuse of children and offers information on healthy sexuality, signs of sexually abusive behaviors, signs of sexual abuse, and tips for talking to children about these issues.
Authors: Stop It Now!