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Sexual Violence: Perpetration

This area highlights interventions and approaches for working with sexual violence offenders, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive and collaborative approach to manage offenders' behaviors and ensure their safe integration within communities. Resources addressing risk, assessment, management, treatment, and supervision are included.

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This report discusses research and knowledge on sexual abusers and sex offenders, including the history of public knowledge around child sexual abuse. It includes information on preventing child sexual abuse through evidence-based and community informed sex offender policy.
Authors: Joan Tabachnick and Alisa Klein
May 2008
This brief report on Strickland’s study, the largest of its kind, surveyed 130 incarcerated females 60 of which were sex offenders - and examined factors such as childhood trauma, substance abuse, emotional neediness and personality disorders.
Authors: Sam Fahmy, Susan Strickland
March 2007
This policy and practice brief synthesizes the research and other professional literature about women and adolescent girls who commit sex offenses.
Authors: Center for Sex Offender Management
The purpose of this review was to provide information on the prevalence of female sexual offending, and to establish an understanding of the re-offending rates of these women.
Authors: Correctional Service of Canada
January 2004
This fact sheet offers information about female adolescent sex offenders based on the limited research that is available. The information provided includes characteristics of this population as well as assessment and treatment issues.
Authors: Susan Schmidt, PhD & Keri Pierce, MSW
Includes facts and figures released by the bureau of Justice Statistics on recidivism, sex offenders, women offenders as well as other statistics on other topics.
Authors: Bureau of Justice Statistics
The author of this article discusses how researchers have developed "typologies" of sex offenders and have focused on describing characteristics of adult and adolescent sex offender, both males and females.
Authors: L.C. Miccio-Fonseca
This webpage gives a brief overview of why abusive behavior by female offenders goes unreported.
Authors: Child Abuse Effects