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Religion & Domestic Violence: Information and Resources

NRCDV Publications
General Material
Published Date
January, 2007

The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) has developed this collection of information packets to serve as an introduction to the complex and varied issues that religion and faith can present for victims and survivors of domestic violence and their advocates in both the faith and secular communities. This collection explores and supports innovative strategies created by faith communities and secular domestic violence programs to develop a collaborative and holistic response to domestic violence that is responsive to and respectful of victims' and survivors' expressions of faith.

Material within this collection is organized according to content. Following the Overview, the packet titled Interpretations of Religious Doctrine examines texts that reference the use of violence against women in marital relationships. Key points to consider in Working with Victims are discussed, as well as the importance of Batterer Accountability. A discussion of Developing Collaborative Responses to Intimate Partner Violence is followed with information relative to Funding for faith-based and secular programs. The collection of packets concludes with listings of resources - Statistics, Bibliography, Website and Video resource lists - as well as articles and referral information designed to promote increased knowledge on each sub-topic.