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An Online Resource Library on Gender-Based Violence.

Best Practices Manual for Domestic Violence Programs

General Material
Published Date
June, 2000

The committees were comprised of individuals from domestic violence shelter programs, advocates, and ACADV staff. For the purpose of this project, an outside consultant facilitated the majority of the meetings.

"Members and volunteers produced this manual in an effort to provide a reference and resource document for agencies planning, developing, implementing and improving domestic violence victim service programs. Participants identified a set of shared values and beliefs to guide the process of developing a comprehensive resource manual for service providers. The stated mission of the project was to improve domestic violence programs and enhance support for them by identifying and promoting best practices. This was accomplished by:

  • Developing a reference manual resource guide
  • Compiling a list of best practices
  • Creating a manual that can serve as a model for others"

Contents Include:

  • Terminology
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Advocacy
  • Hotline
  • Safe Homes
  • Shelter
  • Transitional
  • Case Management
  • Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Children's Programs
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Community Education and Outreach
  • Administration
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