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The Health Costs of Violence: Measuring the burden of disease caused by intimate partner violence

General Material
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The study was supported by VicHealth in partnership with the Department of Human Services and was conducted with contributions from a range of experts from across Victoria and elsewhere. While focusing on health, it complements a vast body of evidence demonstrating the serious social and economic consequences of intimate partner violence for individuals, families and communities.

Contents include:

  • Intimate partner violence - a major burden on our health
  • A summary of study findings
  • Prevalent, serious and preventable. This is a public health issue
  • Study focus and approach
  • The prevalence of intimate partner violence
  • Health problems experienced by women affected by intimate partner violence
  • Understanding 'burden of disease' methodology: How it can be used to measure intimate partner violence
  • Study strengths and limitations
  • What the findings mean
  • Taking action on intimate partner violence: A public health approach