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An Online Resource Library on Gender-Based Violence.

Iraqi Constitution

General Material


Section One: Fundamental Principles (Articles 1-13)
Section Two: Rights and Liberties (Articles 14-46)

  • Chapter One [Rights] (Articles 14-36)

First: Civil and Political Rights (Articles 14-21)
Second' Economic, Social and Cultural Liberties (Articles 22-36)

  • Chapter Two: Liberties (Articles 37-46)

Section Three: Federal Powers (Articles 47-108)

  • Chapter One [The Legislative Power] (Article 48)

First: The Council of Representatives (Articles 49-64)
Second: The Federation Council (Article 65)

  • Chapter Two [The Executive Power] (Article 66)

First: The President of the Republic (Articles 67-75)
Second: The Council of Ministers (Article 76-86)

  • Chapter Three [The Judicial Power] (Articles 87-89)

First: Higher Juridical Council (Articles 90-91)
Second: Federal Supreme Court (Article 92-94)
Third: General Provisions (Articles 95-101)

  • Chapter Four [Independent Commissions] (Articles 102-108)

Section Four: Powers of the Federal Government (Articles 109-115)
Section Five: Powers of the Regions (Articles 116-125)

  • Chapter One [Regions] (Articles 116-121)
  • Chapter Two [Governorates that are not incorporated in a region] (Articles 122-123)
  • Chapter Three [The Capital] (Article 124)
  • Chapter Four [The Local Administrations] (Article 125)

Section Six: Final and Transitional Provisions (Articles 126-144)

  • Chapter One [Final Provisions] (Articles 126-131)
  • Chapter Two [Transitional Provisions] (Articles 132-144)