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An Online Resource Library on Gender-Based Violence.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Communities and Domestic Violence: Information and Resources

General Material
NRCDV Publications
Published Date
January, 2007

Domestic violence in LGBT communities is about abuse of power, manipulation, exploitation, oppression and barriers to service. This collection has been designed for domestic violence program advocates, activists working in LGBT communities and those wishing to become allies.

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Full Packet 879.37 KB
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Key Issue: Use of Language/Vocabulary 838.13 KB
Key Issue: Intersection of Sexism and Homophobia 838.12 KB
Key Issue: Dynamics of Domestic Violence 838.12 KB
Key Issue: Intervention/Prevention Services 837.92 KB
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Video Resources 838.13 KB
Web Resources 837.45 KB
Bibliography 838.12 KB
Fact Sheet 838.18 KB
Statistics 838.12 KB
Think, Re-think: Domestic Violence in Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Relationships by Connie Burk 117.45 KB
Some Thoughts on the Myth of Mutual Abuse by Karen Lee Asheran 77.71 KB
Trans and Intersex Survivors of Domestic Violence: Defining Terms, Barriers, & Responsibilities By Diana Courvantand Loree Cook- 107.58 KB
Battering Victimization Among a Probability-Based Sample of Men Who Have Sex With Men by Gregory L. Greenwood, Michael V. Relf, 142.46 KB
Power & Control in Lesbian, Gay, Transgender & Bisexual Relationships 719.38 KB
Gender Variance: A Primer by Gender Education & Advocacy, Inc. (2001) 389.27 KB
Guide to Intersex & Trans Terminologies by Emi Koyama for Survivor Project 138.15 KB
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Power and Control Wheel by Roe & Jagonisky for the Texas Council on Family Violence 139.36 KB
Module 8: Attending to Victim Safety from Domestic Violence in Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Bisexual Communities: Trainers Man 170.9 KB
Think, Re-think: Domestic Violence in Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Relationships by Connie Burk 117.45 KB
Raising Our Voices: Queer Asian Women's Response to Relationship Violence by Cristy Chung and Summer Lee, edited by Leni Marin f 1.51 MB
Creating a Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth: A Toolkit by Girl's Best Friend Foundation & Advocates for Youth (2005) 702.78 KB
Considerations in Starting a Support Group for Battered Lesbians by Beth Leventhal for Help for Abused Women and their Children, 607.52 KB
Screening by Beth Leventhal for the Network for Battered Lesbians and Bisexual Women 60.8 KB
Safety Planning: Inersex & Trans Survivors of Abuse by the Survivor Project (2001) 46.76 KB
Domestic Violence Between Same-Sex Partners: Implications for Counseling by Linda M. Peterman and Charlotte G. Dixon (2003) 1.99 MB
Oppressor and Oppressed: Rethinking the Binary - Jasbir Puar Discusses Domestic Violence 144.19 KB
Policing manhood: new theories about the social significance of homophobia by David Plummer (2001) 242.63 KB
The Connection Between Homophobia and Violence Against Women by Suzanne Pharr (1990) 73.23 KB